Too many things are taking too much of our time.

Isn't it about time we slow down?

We believe that on our death bed--if we are so blessed to get there--our wish will not be that we did things faster. We will wish we slowed things down. We will wish that we took the time to enjoy all the moments. We will wish that we carpe-d the hell out of the diems we had.

So, let's start now.



Let's #takethetime every day to do something.

1. TAKE THE TIME to rest. to take the long way home. to make a home-cooked meal. to hold the door. to doodle. to text your friend. to pet every dog you meet. to write it by hand. to build something. to learn a new skill. to take public transit. to exercise. to order it for here. to take a photo. to look through old photos. to make tea. to explore your city. to make eye contact. to bake your own cookies. to learn to knit. to try a different sandwich. to change your own oil. to daydream. to go to an art museum. to thank your cashier. to get up and stretch. to reply to that email. ...yeah... THAT email. to look up at the sky. to get 10 hours of sleep. to chat with a stranger.

2. Share how you #takethetime and challenge others.

3. Get inspired by how others #takethetime.


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#takethetime to hear how others #takethetime.


Taking the time to do these good-for-the soul things makes life so special, meaningful, and purposeful. We find that slowing down and savoring these moments make such a big difference in our mindsets and how we approach life...
— Lauren Scruggs Kennedy


Cladwell wants to give you some time back.

Cladwell helps you get dressed every day so that you can have some time back. We're challenging you to spend that time wisely by doing something that is good for you. Is it exercise? A longer shower? Sleeping in? Downward facing dog? Half an episode of Friends? It's for you to decide. #takethetime


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Instead of having nothing and getting rid of everything, let's buy less and give away more. That sounds reasonable.



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